Founder and designer, Per Albin WilhelmssonFounder and designer, Per Albin WilhelmssonFounder and designer, Per Albin Wilhelmsson
Founder and designer, Per Albin WilhelmssonFounder and designer, Per Albin Wilhelmsson


Oliver Lundkvist
Co founder

In addition to my proficiency in web development and management, I possess a unique ability - the ability to bring order to chaos. Whether it's untangling a complex codebase or streamlining project workflows, I thrive in challenging environments that require a high degree of organization and attention to detail.

Per Albin Wilhelmsson
Co founder

As a detail-oriented digital designer, I am always seeking new ways to push the boundaries of what's possible. And while my love for design is unwavering, I have a unique talent that often surprises people - the ability to identify almost every tractor brand in the world. Although it may seem like an unusual skill for a designer, I find that my knowledge of tractors gives me a unique perspective on how technology can be used to revolutionize the agricultural industry. Who knows, maybe one day I'll design a website or app that connects farmers with the latest tractor innovations. The possibilities are endless...

David Saupe
Frontend Developer

I am a skilled web developer with a passion for taking on challenging projects. As someone who thrives on problem-solving and finding creative solutions, I am always eager to take on complex tasks and transform them into functional and visually stunning digital experiences. My love for design is reflected in my work, as I am constantly seeking ways to incorporate visually appealing elements into my projects. From sleek layouts to custom animations, I strive to create user-friendly websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Gustav Lindwall

I am a self-proclaimed word artist, always on the hunt for new and creative ways to express myself through language. But when I'm not playing with words, you can find me on the padel court, where I often spend unhealthy amounts of time perfecting my racket skills. When the waves are right, you might also catch me out on the water, attempting to surf with varying degrees of success.

Albin Carlsson
Digital designer

Albin's passion for sneakers is unmatched. Don't even think about booking a meeting with him if you're not willing to talk kicks! With a collection of over 30 pairs, Albin has even toyed with the idea of launching added.sneakers just for kicks!

Philip Rettig
Backend Developer
Karin Littorin
Internship - CRO-specialist
Matias Aphram

With a brain that can spot potential problems faster than you can blink, I have been automating business processes for almost a decade. But, as fate would have it, I could have easily become a model with my good looks.


I'm the agency's part-time security guard, so watch out if you're planning to break in - unless it's during my lunchtime strolls with my friend Per Albin.