"Our existing website, system or application does no longer reflect our values, our brand or our services. We quickly need help to design and develop a digital product that meet our current needs."

Hiring our services for isolated projects is a great way to get your digital dilemma sorted quickly, without getting too invested. We understand that your time and resources are both very precious things, which is why take on a goal-oriented-eyes-on-the-price-approach when working on projects.

We start by getting a clear understanding of your goals, timeline, and budget. Our team then works closely with you to create a tailored plan that meets your specific needs and objectives. Throughout the project, we keep open lines of communication to ensure that we stay on track and can deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

And who knows, maybe we choose to continue to collaborate after the project is done and delivered?
Or we simply choose to go our separate ways, both a friendship richer.

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"We are looking for an agency that has a genuine commitment to our collaboration, is prestigeless and sees us as a partner rather than a customer. Competence is of course important, but for us it is even more important that the collaboration is enjoyable, that communication is transparent and that we deliver a good result - together."

We are firm believers in the power of long-term collaborations. Our dream scenario is long term relationships where we get the privilege to get to know our clients more fundamentally, and become a natural part of their team and daily operations.

You see, Added operates with full potential when we get the chance to be your digital partner rather than your traditional agency. Continuous optimization is fundamental to continuous success and making your goals our goals we’ll use our excellence in digital design, development and growth to see your visions come true. 

A collaboration arrangement is highly customizable. We can be your full time digital partner or provide the support where it's needed. We can operate in the foreground, the background or somewhere in between. It’s entirely up to you.

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"We have an existing project group that works with our digital initiatives. We are looking for excellence in digital marketing, digital design or digital development who can supplement or strengthen the project group. We are looking for a competent and cooperative person who dares to challenge our existing approaches and processes."

Hiring us as consultants is an effective way to accelerate your digital growth or manage sudden peaks in demand. As consultants we use our excellence in digital marketing, digital design and digital development to offer both support and new perspectives. We'll flow like water, and become a natural part of your team.

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